5 Most Underrated Short Films on Youtube, Death of a Father, Tango, A Chairy Tale
January 30, 2023
5 Underrated Short Films Available on YouTube

Still from "death of a father"

5 Underrated Short Films Available on YouTube (2021)

5 Underrated Short Films Available on YouTube

Every great director gets his inspiration from short films because what would be more useful than getting incredible ideas without wasting much time. For example, the Director of “Tumbbad” made a short film “Manjhaa” before making his first feature film and producers approached him on the basis of his short film.

5 Underrated Short Films Available on YouTube
Still from Tumbbad

If you are a film buff and want to witness something mind-blowing in a short span of time then these 5 films are an excellent choice for you. Check out these unparalleled short films available on YouTube.   

1. Death of a father

What is more beautiful than describing life through death and this is what this short film does with your mind from the very first shot. This animated short film feels like a meditation on various things.

2. Tango

Tango is an amazingly strange short film on this list. It is a film about never-ending rituals. This is a kind of film which would surprise you each time you would watch it.

3. Chairy Tale

Chairy tale is just not about a chair and a man but through its simple plot, it touches modern-day relationships and shows us how they work. Chairy tale also shows us the outstanding use of Indian classical music which has been beautifully done by Ravi Shankar in this short film. Norman McLaren‘s one of the finest works.

4. Right Here, Right Now

Have you ever wondered what Anand Gandhi was making before he made the magnificent “Ship of Thesus”? Then I have something to offer you. The two-part short film “Right Here, Right Now” is just another insight into the unusual perceptions of Anand Gandhi where he beautifully connects his stories with different plots, languages, moods, and poetic approaches in its cinema.

5. The Head Vanishes

A great film does not captivate you with great dialogues or any other thing. (I am not saying that other things are not important) but what is the core thing? Visuals in my opinion. Visually, this hauntingly beautiful film is remarkable in its own way. You will just love its plot and execution and hidden meanings.

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