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January 30, 2023
Best Programming Language for Beginners

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Best Programming Language for Beginners to Learn in 2021

In 2021, there are a lot of programming languages out there. Choosing the best programming language is not an easy task for beginners especially if you have no prior knowledge whatsoever. If you are just starting as an intermediate student or you just want to switch your career and become a programmer, you must be overwhelmed with all the data. However, today I’ll tell you where to start.

What is a Programming Language?

In simple words, programming is a means of providing instructions to the computer. We provide a set of instructions and a computer and the computer follows accordingly. Without this programming, computers wouldn’t be able to do anything. Computers don’t understand a human language. They operate on machine language (0’s and 1’s). That’s where the problem starts. We can’t instruct computers in their language nor they can understand ours. As a result, programming languages came to light.

Now some programming languages are closer to the machine language (The Assembly Language) while some are closer to higher-level human language. (Python and Javascript)

As a beginner, the first language you should start with is Python.

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Why Python?

Guido Van Rossum created Python in 1990. Over the years, different python versions were released. Python 3 was released in 2008 and the latest version is Python 3.9.0. Programmers should start with Python as their first programming language because of the following features:

Easy to Use

Python is created in such a way that it has clear and logical code that makes it easy to read and learn. In comparison to other languages, which use lots of braces and brackets which in result makes the code complex and hard to learn and understand. Also, Python uses the special technique of whitespace and indentation which makes the code more accessible.


Like human language, programming languages also have grammar, a set of rules called syntax. Though it varies from language to language the basic ideas are the same. The grammar/syntax of Python is easy to learn which makes it the best language to learn. In simple terms, learning the first language is always difficult but if it the right language, it can provide a solid base for other languages.


Let’s assume, you buy a car that has great features but is no longer being manufactured and has no aftermarket. Will it be a good investment? Just like that, rather than investing your time and money in something that is not in demand, invest it in something that’s in demand and easy to learn. Python language already has a variety of pre-existing libraries and frameworks and a great community that’s constantly working on making it better.

Time Efficient

Python is a language that focuses on optimizing user time rather than computer processing time. It means that it minimizes the efforts of the users. Most certainly humans time is more important than machine processing time.

Great Documentation

Python officially provides documentation. It contains all the descriptions of their features. It also provides a lot of resources. In contrast to other languages, Python was made for ease of users.


Python is a modern-day programming language. It has a great community and brands like Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify use it. It is ideal for software development, web development graphic user interface (GUI’s). As a first language, Python checks all the boxes. Hence it is considered the best programming language for beginners.

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