China is working on 6G technology, Impact of 6G technology in the future
January 30, 2023
World may witness 6G technology soon as China has started working on it

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World may witness 6G technology soon as China has started working on it

China is working on 6G technology

In the modern days of technology, China is leading the world’s market through its business and products. From modern technology to farmer’s equipment, china bought a complete revolution in the World with its success in almost every industry. Where other countries yet to launch 5G technology. But on the same side china after testing 5G successfully in 50 different cities now working on 6G Technology leaving behind all the well-known countries. If we see worldwide people are still suffering from 2G technology.

What is 6G and Future Plans on Launch of 6G Technology:

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology unveiled their future plans regarding the development of 6G Technology. They marked that 2 groups will carry out the task of initial phases. The one group will advertise and promote 6G while the other group which consists of universities, institutes, and research centers will carry out the technical side of 6G technology.

The revolutionary impact of 6G:

Where the whole world operating 4G technology and china already tested 5G technology in their different cities. But the point here is that what impact 5G will make on the modern world. 5G technology already created much hype but to be true if 6G technology succeeds then this will blow away technology and completely revolutionize the world. It is estimated that the speed of 6G will be around 8,000 gigabytes per second. Having such a high speed that’s why many other countries also started working on 6G technology.

Japan USA and other countries are also working on 6G:

Apart from China, Japan also started its 6G development program on the same side Donald trump president of the united states of America(USA) shows his desire for 5G even 6G as soon as possible. Most famous mobile brand Huawei also interested in 6G. And also this new technology is backed by Nokia. But it is still estimated that it may take roundabout 10 years to launch the 6G for commercial use. While most countries are on 4G technology, 6G will replace 5G in a very short period of time and it will completely turn the whole world into a smaller town with its extraordinary data transferring speed and reliability.

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