August 16, 2022
Complete history of Global Feminist Movements and Waves of Feminism

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Complete history of Global Feminist Movements and Waves of Feminism

Global Feminist Movements

Waves of Feminism

The ideology of pre agriculture society is defined as primitive communism by Karl Marx. It was believed that they were living in an egalitarian society. Therefore, no concept of differentiation inability of men and women could be seen. The neolithic revolution changed the ideology of societies and gave birth to the patriarchal system. Means of production were in hands of men that’s why men got dominated over society and an inequality got birth among males and females. With time inequality grew deteriorated and women were completely oppressed by men in education, economy, and politics. Hence Charles Fourier first time coined word Feminism in 1837 and defined as equality for women in political, economical and educational means. With time concept of feminism got a reputation, people usually started talking about women’s equality. Feminist history can be divided into three waves, which promoted women’s political and well as basic rights.

1st Wave of Feminism:

First-wave feminism occurred during the 19th and early 20th century, where it usually focused on the rights of votes for women. Social parties started demanding the right of women to vote in west. Clara Zetkin was a prominent figure of the German Democratic Party who mobilized women workers and organized conferences of women. Their motive was that in order to achieve socialism, women’s vote right is obligatory. Europe and the U.S finally granted women the right to vote because of the pressure of women conferences and the Bolshevik revolution. Bolshevik revolution granted women the right to vote in early 20th century. Which pressurized Europe and U.S to grant women the right of vote.

2nd Wave of Feminism:

The second waves of Feminism demanded equality for women more than enfranchisement. The second wave of feminism started in the 1960s and lasted for two decades. Then another wave was initiated because of some books, one of those books is the second sex by Simone de Beauvoir is considered as the bible of second-wave feminism. Simone promoted Hegel’s master-slave dialectic to explain the men’s oppression on women. She argued that this oppression is not a result of private property but there are some existential reasons. Promoting Hegel’s concepts she explained that when a man sees a woman he tries to impose his will on women when he succeeds in it, inequality takes place.

The second wave was further promoted by organizations. like, NOW (National organization of women) by Betty Freidan where equality for women was demanded. Therefore, in 1978 a wave of reforms done by America giving women equality in every means. For instance: Equal pay Act, laws against marital rape, U.S women entry in the military, etc.

3rd Wave of Feminism:

Third-wave feminism’s or post-modern Feminism’s duration was from the 1990s to 2010. This was mostly led by African -American women .like, Dorothy Smith Audrey Lord. The main focused on this wave was focus on individuality Its focus was that what feminism is for you. Restoration of agency for everybody was demanded Earlier waves were about rights from the state but postfeminism asked for individuality. Which means it must be our own decision in personal matters rather than somebody else. Third-wave feminism was mostly focused on micropolitics for instance feminists wanted to make a change in everyday life which will hopefully change the official system.

Inequality to women in politics, education, economy led Feminists organizations to demand rights of women, Where women got the right to vote, equality, etc. Radical feminism has also been part of second-wave which seems irrational. Like slogans, All sex are rape, artificial baby birth, etc. Although Feminism is sharply opposed and it has also some ridiculous demands but still this movement has made women independent and free.

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