June 30, 2022
A short essay on constitution development of human rights in Pakistan

A short essay on constitution development of human rights in Pakistan


Independence is a blessing, direct or indirect Imperialism/colonialism is a curse, who knows better than we, Pakistani people.  Before 1947, it was not easy to practice human rights to the fullest of it. Reason be it, the British imperialism, or the then raising next Hindu imperialism, we Muslims were destined to live under oppression with the difference of masters only.  The creation of Pakistan gave a platform for human beings to live life independently, with very basic human rights. Because before the creation of Pakistan people of the subcontinent were under the political oppression of Great Britain. Humans were deprived of every fundamental right like freedom, equality, property, and violation was being done in every means of human rights.

Human Rights in the constitution of Pakistan:

Pakistan’s constitution provides rights for all its residence including minorities. Although Pakistan is an Islamic state but rights of Hindus and other religions minorities are being fully protected in the state. 1973 constitution which is consists of several articles gives details about the maintenance of human rights.


Like article 11  prohibits slavery forced labour etc.

Article 22. Protection for educational institutions in respect of religion etc.

Article 23. Provision as to property. Every citizen would have the right to own personal property in any part of Pakistan.

Article 24. Protection of property rights. The state protects the property of citizens.

Article 25. Equality to all citizens.

Article 26. Non-discrimination in respect of access to public places.

Article 27. Protection against discrimination of every type, like gender, sect ethnic class.

Article 28. Preservation of language and culture of every ethical group.

These above some articles show constitutional development of human rights that the Pakistan constitution provides all basic rights, right of property, protection, and equality, etc.. Besides this right of minorities are also protected.

Besides constitutional rights, some laws are also passed by the demand of the public, as some feminist movements led to give extra rights to women. Violation of rights especially of minorities can be seen but Pakistan is continuously working under the human rights postulates Of UDHR given by the United nation to further continue the development of human rights in Pakistan.

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