Coronavirus effects on education, Stats, Problems, Online Classes, Exams
January 30, 2023
Coronavirus effects on education, Stats, Problems, Online Classes, Online Exams

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Coronavirus effects on education, Stats, Problems, Online Classes, Online Exams


In late December a deadly virus namely novel Corona emerged in China later named COVID-19. It spread worldwide within few months in result WHO declared it pandemic.It has wreaked havoc throughout the world in every sector and influencing human lives badly. COVID-19 results in thousands of deaths ,deep recessions, and mental depression. On of the serious damage Covid-19 has caused is deprivation of education from students. World wide education is poorly affected by pandemic.

Worldwide stats:

A recent survey has estimated that more than 1.725 bn students are out of the school. Colleges throughout world amid drastic lockdown which effects education. Students are being forced to stay home. Aimed students are not getting their basic education and all exams, assessments have been postponed or canceled.

Universities moving towards online classes and online exams:

In higher education, most universities and colleges are replacing physical exams with virtual exams. Which is completely a new method for both teachers and students. Which would be completely different from traditional method. The careers of this year’s students would badly be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As they are facing major problems in their academic tasks. Getting not access to modern technology or reliable internet can curb students from remote areas to get educated virtually. Lack of access to modern technology or a good internet connection is an obstacle to continued distance learning. It is a huge obstacle for the students, especially from remote areas.

Food crises for poor students:

Nutrition plays a vital role in creative development and boosting the academic performance of students. No of students worldwide , who are not stable financially depend on free or discounted meals at schools provided by authorities. When educational sectors are close. Nutrition is especially compromised for students in schools where food was being supplied.

In the U.S. where educational sectors have stared food providing programs like, school lunch programs are the second-biggest anti-hunger initiative after food stamps. Each year almost 30 million students depend on schools to provide them free or cheaper meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and even dinner. In U.S’ Washington State about 45% of the state’s 1.1 million students are admitted in traditional public and charter schools qualify for subsidized school meals. Almost 520,000 students and their families which were depending on food by these programs. Must be affected by food deficiency as a result of COVID-19’s closure of institutions.

The problem caused to female education in remote areas:

Especially female students face extremely serious consequences aimed pandemic. Education of girls has never been a priority in remote areas. Millions of girls are out of the educational sector, prolong breaks might cause a number of dropouts of female students. UNFPA evaluation shows that if services remain close prolong millions of girls may be forced into marriage.

Disadvantages of Online classes:

The surge in coronavirus causes lockdown worldwide and shuts down every institution including educational sectors. Amid a lot of students are being deprived of education ,however, the government has started virtual class but students who belong to remote areas don’t have access to a qualitative internet connection. The government should offer better internet connection and other electronic devices to needed students, so all students could have access to virtual classes.

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