What #SaveDowHostel is all about? DOW students protest for boys hostel
January 30, 2023
How saviors took twitter to save their only shelter in Karachi? What #SaveDowHostel is all about?

How saviors took twitter to save their only shelter in Karachi? What #SaveDowHostel is all about?

What #SaveDowHostel is all about?

It was the evening of the 25th of July when a trend with the hashtag #saveDowhostel topped twitter trends in Pakistan. It’s turning a new norm of protest in Pakistan, especially And somehow seems to bring up fruition, as it has been seen in many cases prior to it. The trend #SaveDowHostel was raised by the students of one of the most prestigious medical colleges of Pakistan DUHS, Karachi against the recent changes in policy made by the government of Sindh. In which DUHS is obliged to hand over its boy’s hostel to recently established IPMR, which was working under DUHS administration before in the name of the Dow Institute of physical medicine and Rehabilitation. It is notable that there is a big number of students pursuing education in DUHS, who basically belong to far-flung areas like Afghanistan, FATA, Balochistan, and remote areas of Sindh.


PMDC’s criteria regarding hostels:

This act of depriving students of hostels doesn’t even fulfill PMDCs criteria which states that a Medical College should provide hostel facility for at least 20% of its students. By doing so, DUHS is also inviting serious action from PMDC, who basically ensures quality education of medical sciences in Pakistan.

Few tweets by students:

While participating in trend one students of DUHS asserted that “We completely reject the illegal evacuation of our hostel by Sindh Government. We are left with no choice but to protest despite this pandemic situation. We request to all the higher authorities to take serious action against this issue, or else we will expand our protest until and unless we get justice.”

A student of DOW university Ali Ehtsham Awan tweeted:

Another student Sobia Shykh Tweeted:


Agrani Tendulkar student of DOW university tweeted about SaveDOWhostel:

Students also gathered at DOW hostel for the protest:

Students also gathered at DOW hostel for the protest:

Besides twitter trend, a big number of students gathered before Dow hostel and recorded their protest against the administration as well.

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