June 30, 2022
PM IK calls Hasina Wajid whence India is busy at borders; Very interesting episode of south Asian politics begins now!

PM IK calls Hasina Wajid whence India is busy at borders; Very interesting episode of south Asian politics begins now!

Imran  Khan calls Hasina Wajid

The outcomes of the meeting held a few weeks back between  Bangladeshi Foreign minister AK Abdul Momin and Pakistani High commissioner started surfacing vividly when on Wednesday a tweet came out of PM house stating that both PMs that of Pakistan and Bangladesh had a detailed discussion on a phone call. The further press secretary of Sheikh Hasina Wajid confirmed that their PM had a 15minutes long call with Mr. Khan.

Imran Khan discussed Pakistan and Bangladesh’s bold fight against the deadly pandemic, COVID 19, and extended commiserations on the material and human losses due to the recent flooding in Bangladesh. Also that Mr. Khan reiterated the invitation to PM Hasina Wajid to visit Pakistan, a press release from PMO said.

The world sees it as an interesting turn in the politics of South Asia. There exist some strong speculations that this contact between the two prime ministers as the backdrop of Delhi-Dhaka relationship turning lukewarm following the enactment of controversial CAA by the Modi government last year. Also, it is considered that growing Chinese influence on Dhaka has also brought Pakistan and Bangladesh closer.

Sheikh Hasina Wajid and Pak-Bangladesh terms:

Despite all this, it is notable that Pakistan and Bangladesh, has never been in good relations since the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan. However, Pakistan reportedly from the first-day considers Delhi as an architect of this separation. Besides Hasinawajid also proven herself a hard person for Pakistan as per her policies about war crimes of 1971.

Common religion and culture is considered as a binding force between Bangladesh And Pakistan:

In a recent meeting of Pakistani high commissioner, Imran Ahmad Siddiqui with Bangladeshi foreign minister asserted that Pakistan wants to build a strong relationship with Bangladesh. As both countries have got a lot much common in between like history, culture and religion. The timing of this meeting is intriguing in the sense that in these days India is quite busy at borders With neighbors; China and Nepal. Amidst all this, there is no response from India so far.

Whatsoever, the politics of south Asia has taken a drastic turn, lets see where it leads.

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