Juventus won Serie A 2019-20, 35th title win for the Old Lady
January 30, 2023
Juventus won Serie A 36th time most by any team in the history of Serie A

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Juventus won Serie A 36th time most by any team in the history of Serie A

Juventus won their 36th Serie A title

Finally, Juventus or Juve is now the official winner of COVID-19 affected Series A 2019-20 after sealing comprehensive victory against Sampdoria with the score 2-0 at the end of the match.  Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 1st goal for the old lady at the end of the 1st half. Which was his 31st goal of the season which led him to the 2md spot on the top goal scorers list. Bernardechi did the remaining work as he scored the 2nd goal in 67th minute which confirm the title for Juventus. The game was being played behind closed doors in Allianz stadium which has a capacity of 41,000. Dybala and 35 years old Ronaldo shines for Juventus to win the 36th title for their club. Ronaldo with the ratings of 93 in this season is still the best player for Juventus and26 years old Dybala completely rattles the opposition with his insane skills and gameplay.


If we put some light on Italian league series A, basically series A is Italian based top football league in Italy which is being sponsored by TIM. This Italian league was founded way back 122 years in 1898. In the history of Series A, Juventus is the most popular team with 36 titles in their bag. Juventus means youth as their intent to promote and involve youth in football. So that’s the reason Juventus is the most successful club in the history of series A followed by Milan and Internazionale.

At the end of the title-winning game against Sampdoria, team captain Giorgio Chiellini who has been suffering with cruciate ligament injury during training session was looking realy happy with Ronaldo and other players.

Apart from the victory, there is the major set back as Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini has to undergo surgery to able to make a comeback in ground

Man of the match:

Cristiano Ronaldo won the man of the match for his match-winning goal.

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