June 30, 2022
A short essay on the History of Women's Rights, Role of UDHR and UN

A short essay on the History of Women’s Rights, Role of UDHR and UN

History of women’s rights.

Since the beginning of history, the human race has gone through a continuous process of civilization. With each passing year, human has acquired a more vivid picture of this world. And its patterns have developed better ways in making it a conducive place for its existence. For that he has established some set of laws, ensuring the basic rights of humans, in order to set basic law and order situations. Law and order have been prioritized as societies started growing. In the most recent, we got better organizations and a set of laws to govern the world.

The establishment of the United Nation is one of that achievement of human cognition.UN declared human rights laws in 1948. In which its charter describes the rights of every human being, according to article 1 “To achieve international co-operation in promoting respect for human rights and for freedoms for all without distinction as to race, gender, language, and religion.


UDHR also explains the rights of women and prohibits its violation. As the UN Organisation came into being its social council established its commission on Women’s status as the principal global policy-making body dedicated exclusively to gender equality and advancement of women.

International Feminist Movement:

As the international feminist movement started to gain momentum during the 1970s. The General Assembly of the United Nation declared 1975 as the International Women’s Year. And organized the first World Conference on Women. Which took place in Mexico. At the urging of the Conference. It declared the years 1976-1985 as the UN Decade for Women, and also set  Voluntary Fund for that.

Role of the United Nations:

In the late nineteenth century, the General Assembly of the UN ratified the Convention to remove all forms of discrimination against Women. Which is also known as an International Bill of Rights for Women. In its 30 articles of UDHR, the Convention defines how women are being discriminated against and set up an agenda for action to end such discrimination and violation of women’s rights and it is the first human rights treaty to affirm the reproductive rights of women.

UN announced International Women’s day:

United Nations has announced a day for women to protect them, showing them part of society International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 8 March every year. This day is celebrated by most countries around the world. On which women are recognized for their great achievements rather than divisions, like national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, or political.

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