June 30, 2022
A short Essay on Pakistan Facing Child Labour Problem, Stats, Laws and more

A short Essay on Pakistan Facing Child Labour Problem, Stats, Laws and more


Pakistan being, the country of third-world, by default is among the most downtrodden nations of the world. Where among other many existing problems child labor, is one of the prominent ones.

Definition of Child Labour:

The best definition of child labor is provided by ILO which states as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential, and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development. It refers to work that: is mentally, physically, socially, or morally dangerous and harmful to children. And I think, that’s the most compound and complete definition.

Statics of Child Labour in Pakistan:

Children who are working on daily wages in industries and other sectors. Child labor harm child badly, it can be seen a prominent problem for Pakistan since its creation. The Human rights  Commission of Pakistan figured out that in the 1990s, 11 million children were working in Pakistan. Pakistan is fighting to overcome the problem as taking different steps to reduce it.

With the passage of every year, there could be seen a drop of age for the children entering into labor. Mostly Child labor in Pakistan is Multan, which is an important production center for export goods in Pakistan.

According to a survey 37 percent of child labour is being done in Industry and wholesale, whereas 44 of girls are also employing in the service industry, according to survey the 32,727 children were not attending schools and involved in child labour.

Reasons of Child Labour:

What can be reasons of Child labour? According to the International labour organization, the main cause of child labour is poverty and the financial situation of the family. As Pakistan is not a well-developed country and fighting for its stability of the economy , As of 2008, 17.2% of the total population lives below the poverty line. This is the main reason of child labor, besides this lack of jobs and no education for remote areas also becomes the cause of child labor. The government of Pakistan has several steps to overcome the problem of child labor. A number of laws rectified which prohibits child labor, or regulating the working conditions of children.

Laws regarding child labour in Pakistan:

Some important laws are regarding child labor are . The Factories Act 1934 The Employment of Children Act 1991. The Punjab Compulsory Education Above passed laws insures the stop of child labor and education must be provided to every child.

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