June 30, 2022
Supreme Court hints banning YouTube, Youtube Ban in Pakistan

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Supreme Court hints banning YouTube, Youtube Ban in Pakistan

Youtube might get banned in Pakistan

In the modern world of technology. Where other countries making progress from leaps to bound but on the other hand Pakistani Government hints on banning youtube in Pakistan. A few days ago Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) banned the famous game “PUBG” and a live streaming video app “Bigo Live”.  Supreme Court of Pakistan already got applications to ban Video sharing platform “Tik-Tok” to avoid young generations to not waste their precious time on Tik-Tok and instead do some productive work for their progress and country’s progress.

The previous ban on Youtube in Pakistan:

If we talk about youtube, youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world with over one billion users and over millions of videos being uploaded on a daily basis. This huge popularity of youtube shows its importance in the modern world. PTA ban youtube twelve years ago in 2008 due to the “blasphemous” content on youtube. And that was the moment when youtube Pakistan left behind in the youtube world. After some controversies finally after the span of 8 years, in 2016 youtube ban was officially lifted in Pakistan. Now a day, content creators are earning a handsome amount of money while uploading videos on youtube. And on the same side, students are also using youtube as a tool to learn new skills, etc.

Today’s hearing in Supreme court on Youtube ban:

Today, the supreme court of Pakistan threatens to ban youtube in Pakistan. During the hearings of the case. The famous Justice Qazi Amin adds remarks and said that “We have no objection to freedom of expression. Our salaries are paid from the money of the people, they have the right to raise questions on our decisions and our performance”.

Banning apps like PUBG Bigo Tik-Tok and Youtube isn’t a solution:

As there are thousands of other problems to solve, but the Supreme Court of Pakistan instead solving other issues trying to ban different applications. Just because of some bad users. Rather than making some other strategies, they made policies to completely ban youtube. Same as the issue with Tik-Tok, rather than blocking the bad content they are warning to ban it also. While the Chinese are working on 6G technology but on the same side our govt. banning different applications rather than removing bad content on these web sites.

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