Top 10 Tape ball players in Pakistan, Best Tape ball players of Pakistan
January 30, 2023
Top 10 tape ball players in Pakistan, Highest Paid tape ball players in Pakistan

Top 10 tape ball players in Pakistan, Highest Paid tape ball players in Pakistan

  Top 10 tape ball players in Pakistan

In the world of sports, cricket is the most famous sport in the world after soccer. Cricket is usually invented in the 18th century and is played in south-east England. The low version of Cricket is further divided into two types i.e. tennis ball cricket and tape ball cricket.  In Pakistan, tape ball cricket is started in the late ’90s in the streets, and later it has now become the professional tape ball cricket. Most of the international players have played tape ball cricket before playing real hardball cricket. The craze of tape ball cricket is rising day by day in Pakistan. Professional tape ball players are involved in various major events are organized all over the country. In Pakistan, there are many players who have played all over the world and got recognition in tape ball cricket.

Shahbaz Kalia:

Sir Shahbaz is the Godfather of professional tape ball cricket in Pakistan. He is the man who made tape ball cricket famous in Pakistan. He dominates this type of cricket in the 90’s when there was not much hype of tape ball cricket.

Tamoor Mirza:

Tamoor is young, elegant, and absolutely treat to watch. He is regarded as the No.1 tape ball player in Pakistan. He has a huge fan following all over the country. Mirza had played in UAE, Africa, and other foreign countries.

Khurram Chakwal:

Khurram is another legend in tape ball Pakistan. He is always in comparison with another player Tamoor mirza their fans always trying to prove each other wrong. In his early days, he struggled a lot in his early days to get recognition.

Zaheer Kalia:

Zaheer is the player who ruled over the country last decade with toe crushing Yorkers and variations. He is the No.1 fast bowler in the history of tape ball cricket. Due to his extraordinary services in this format of cricket, Zaheer has been given the title of “Ustad”.

Shahjahan Meer Jat:

Ustad Shahjahan is another masterpiece bowler, hailed from the small town of Sindh. Where other bowlers relay on pace but on the same side Shahjahan trouble opposition with his inswingers and outswingers. He performed so well in DPL that Khurram has no answer for his swinging deliveries.

Dawood Pathan:

Dawood Pathan does not need any introduction as he has already done so much for the betterment of tape ball cricket in Sindh. He is the top player in Sindh and you can see him in any big event around the country.

Aziz Khandaro:

This young man is always in comparison with another all-rounder Tahir Ali. Aziz is typically known for his all-round skills and awkward low batting stance. But he has had all the opportunities of a good all-rounder. He plays as the guest player and regarded as the key player for his team.

Farhad Alam Abdali

The young and tall Farhad Abdali hailed from the northern areas of Pakistan. He left arm bowling deliveries whipped away from right-handers is his real strength. No big event is complete without his bowling services. He owns a sports shop apart from cricket.

Tahir Ali:

He belongs to the capital of Pakistan and precious all-rounder due to his skills with the bat and the ball. He is the elder brother of international player Rohail Nazir. Tahir Ali is always in comparison with Sindh’s star Aziz Khandaro.

Abdul Rehman:

The flick master Bunto Bhai known for his extremely different batting stance. His real strength is his flick shots which made him famous in a very short span of time in Pakistan and India.

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