World After Global Pandemic Coronavirus and a threat to human existence
January 30, 2023
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How the world would look like after Corona Pandemic? Do really we need to reprioritize life?

World After Corona Pandemic

Statistics of the loss caused by COVID19 till now:

According to John Hopkins University & medicine (coronavirus resource center), the virus has infected around 11,239,378 people and killing almost 530,110people worldwide. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world by storm. This respiratory tract hemorrhage causing flu-like virus, originated fromChina’s Wuhan province, killing people nationwide. It has spread all over the world, becoming the disaster of the century, turned the world upside down. Basically, it’s an airborne virus with almost 60 gene replications and different modes of transmission: coughing, sneezing, breathing in contagious air or coming in contact with the contagious surface. The transmission rate of this pandemic is thrice as fast as any common flu causing human lungs to lose their elasticity and eventually the ability to breathe and finally resulting in death. Cripplingworld’s economy, exploiting different systems of rule, Covid-19 has made earth bite its nails.

Coronavirus a challange to human existance:

Humanity is stunned, challenged for its own existence, panic, agony, and massive confusion has made everyone question their particular existence. Sorrows, the grievance of losing our loved ones in the masses has made us emotionally blunt. This worldwide catastrophe has made people isolated from one another causing more trepidation. Apart from chaotic situations in the business community. The social and emotional crisis are seriously worrisome. Global panic has hit each and every individual to the bones, getting them into the dilemma of how things would go in the future and how’d they be able to earn their bread. Feelings around us are not wholesome and people are not really overwhelmed by these strict lockdowns and social distancing. It’s like caging humans (no matter what if it’s for their greater good).

We all know we are called social animals for a reason and inhibiting humans to socialize is disastrous in the long run. This is by far the most severe catastrophe human race has ever witnessed whose consequences are beyond recognition. The fear in poor, rage and helplessness in ruling elite for not finding the cure, for the first time in human history every continent, country, race and tribe are united on the similar front of eliminating this virus, liberating us from this crisis which is indeed exploiting every aspect of human life, from testing their communal moral and tolerance to own behavior. Somehow somewhere it has brought people closer than before despite making them isolate their selves physically, emotionally they are getting closer and closer by means of behavioral change as scientists have suggested for primitive primates.

Coronavirus Impact on Global market:

Coronavirus Impact on Global Market
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In terms of the global market, according to CNBC 22 million in the USA, 2.7 in million UK (pound sterling live), 2.4 million in Australia (Ray Morgan), and almost 50 million of working class is out of work worldwide. Although capitalism is at its finest, as $34b wealth has been increased of billionaires last week. Personal production of industries of every respective country is souring and lack of exporting those goods is increasing stockpiles, for instance; oil mining industries are facing their worst nightmare. According to CNN, AMERCO the biggest competitor of the oil industry has claimed too much stock crude oil that they might be forced to sell it with unwanted discounts or stop mining for it.

If the current situation continued the way it’s going oil-producing companies will have as much stock of oil that 1 barrel of crude oil will sell for 1 USD. This pandemic has affected each and every soul on earth mainly the common working class to the huge business tycoons making them question capitalists’ perspectives. They have failed to provide health and every basic facility to their people amidst COVID-19, despite having the world’s most stable and strong economies.

Effects of COVID-19 pandemic are vast, beyond imagination however on the contrary consequences are seeming favorable. As everyone is looking for experimenting other systems of rule under the examples of those states who have different political system I-e ( communism or socialism) are fighting this epidemic more efficiently and their poverty level is twice as below as another capitalist state. Their economies are firm with a concrete base, they did not wrong their people by not providing basic health and basic utility services. People are unable to buy food items amid joblessness and they do not have work to support their families as several businesses are shut, recently Kerala, a state in India, has adopted socialist ideas of political and economical systems which basically provide grass-root facilities to each and every individual of that state, some flourishing examples who adopted different socio-political system are (China, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, etc.)

The demand for a new system for the future (World After Coronavirus Pandemic):

In all these critical times the world is direly demanding a new system, a set of changed priorities and new engines to run the global system, in seek of that, most people consider socialist revolution, true democratic fronts if not communism. Or something else than democracy. Hopefully, the world will evolve and transform into its best form eliminating this sense of confusion and grievance for the countries who have been hit absurdly I-e: most of the Europe, Iran, USA, China, almost every country is hit and they are seeking medical, political, social and economical revolution which is inevitable. This pandemic has given a tough and hard time to many doctrines however gave birth to many more. Hopefully, humanity will learn and improvise, these difficult times may prove to be the lessons that were supposed to be learnt and implemented on.

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